Homeopathy - holistic support for health and wellbeing

Move from unwell, stuck or stressed out to a vibrant version of you







Homeopathy is a holistic system of natural medicine that gently addresses the whole of you and the intimate link between your physical and emotional health. If you’re feeling unwell, stuck or stressed out, I can help.

As a qualified and intuitive Homeopath, I seek to understand your inner and outer worlds using heart-centred conversation and individualised remedies that set a powerful recovery process in motion. This process is our natural capacity to self-heal and when it suffers blockages or subtle disruptions, a dose of homeopathic remedy is like a gentle nudge for the body’s vital force to begin to heal itself.

Homeopathy – a gentle way to stimulate self-healing

Homeopathy works by mobilising our capacity for self-healing based on The Law of Similars or ‘like cures like’. Remedies are made from non-toxic, natural substances which have no side effects or dependency. Given as a pill or liquid, they’re easy to take and encourage self-renewal by activating the body’s inherent capability to adapt and restore itself.

Is homeopathy for you?

Homeopathic treatments are widely used for acute conditions like bumps, bruises, coughs and colds. But they’re especially valuable if you have long term chronic issues or you’re feeling emotionally unsteady or overwhelmed. Homeopathy can be effective if you have:


Female disorders such as hormonal imbalances, PMS, painful periods, migraines, endometriosis


Gastrointestinal issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, heartburn/reflux, Chron's disease and colitis


Emotional issues including overwhelm, panic attacks and anxiety, mood swings, depression and grief


Offer support with cancer and the side effects of treatment

‘Lucy is a breath of fresh air, a wonderful person and a caring and gifted Homeopath. I was slightly sceptical at first, but I am now converted to the Homeopathic way of life. It’s simple – it works’

Maggie, Manager of Tulip Yoga Studio

‘When I first went to see Lucy, I was in constant pain with my colitis and it was taking over my life. After talking to Lucy for an hour or so, she helped me to feel that I was not on my own. After five weeks of taking Homeopathy, I started to feel my old self again. Lucy is very caring and helped me through it all. I’d recommend her to anyone.’

Martin, Manager

Ready to begin healing yourself with gentle holistic support?