I'm Lucy. Intuitive Healer, Transformational Coach and Spiritual Teacher

Let me guide you to empowered reconnection and healing from within

Whatever you’re dealing with, I trust that you’ve found me for a reason. My purpose is to inspire, motivate and empower you to live your best life and help you access the potential deep within you. I want to help you satisfy your need for self-care and nurturing, activating your innate power for wellbeing and health.


So what brought me to this point?

From as young as 14, I knew I wanted to help and heal people, which is why, when I grew up, I became a nurse. In 2004, after working as a nurse in Intensive Care for six years I stumbled across something simple and life changing.

Until this point I’d honestly felt lost, drifting in and out of relationships (some of them toxic) and then struggling with my own health and the side effects of medication. I was disconnected from my body, I felt disempowered and I knew there was something more I should be doing – I just didn’t know what.

Then one day, consumed by the misery of chronic pain and the depression that came with it, I stumbled across a holistic health centre. In the window was a sign for Reiki – it ignited a spark within me – and I felt like I’d come home.

As the years passed, my journey into the world of healing accelerated and the Universe cleared my path. I met the right people at the right time and left behind relationships that didn’t serve me. Aligning to my values, I quit my nursing job to pursue what had become my passion: Empowering people to heal holistically from within.

Experiencing my own transformative healing journey set me on a path to master a range of holistic therapies that access the innate life force. A desire for my own strength and liberation, together with my spiritual curiosity has since taken me on a profound journey of academic study, learning and exploration of a range of healing modalities. This quest has deepened my connection to the universal life force energy and enhanced my intuitive abilities.

Now, after 15 years working as a Homeopath, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher, Theta Healer and with a diploma in Life Coaching too, my therapeutic style has evolved into a powerful heart-centred blend of holistic therapies that I tailor to meet my clients’ needs.

It’s my passion and purpose to support others in their journey to advocate for themselves and move forward towards optimal health in mind, body and spirit. It’s a true gift to be able to help people take back their power and find, as I’ve done, a sense of freedom, joy and peace.

If you’re open-minded and dedicated to reclaiming your power, here’s how I can help

I work from my tranquil holistic therapy practice in West Melbourne’s Point Cook and via Skype or Facetime to an international client base.
Bespoke healing sessions can include any or all elements of Homeopathy, Reiki, Theta Healing and spiritual coaching, whichever suits you and your situation. We follow your lead.

I love working with those who are firmly committed to their own personal healing, who want to improve their quality of life and are ready to embrace change.

Healing from within is a journey and a process of self-exploration. It’s not always comfortable or easy but each step takes you further into alignment with who you really are. That’s where you find balance and ease – and that’s where I’ll be honoured to guide you.

Background and certifications

Reiki Master Teacher/Reiki Practitioner

Theta Healing Practitioner

Alchemical Healing (a form of Shamanic Healing)

Licentium in Homeopathy (LCPH)

Diploma of Life Coaching

Adult Nursing (Ba Hons)

Post Graduate Certificate in Emergency Nursing and Applied Pathophysiology

What People are Saying

‘Hey Lucy!
I know you don’t expect this but thank you so much for your help, support and care during a rubbish time for me. I’ve been feeling much more free and able to let things go and do things which has been great, and I am so much happier in myself’

ES, IT consultant


‘With her compassion, humour and humanity, as well as the arsenal of healing skills at her fingertips, Lucy is of the most quietly powerful and transformative people I have ever encountered.’

Kamin Mohammadi, Published Author, Journalist and Healer

‘just wanted to thank you for all the help that you have given me.  Your warmth and encouragement enabled me to talk about issues that I have never spoken about to anyone else and to then go on and plan how to move forward in my life in a more positive and constructive way.’

Jonathan, Psychotherapist

Ready to align with your highest sense of self, purpose and truth?