Reiki Treatments - a truly transformational process

Experience positive shifts in health and perspective, rediscover inner peace and reconnect to your power








Working with your body’s natural flow of energy, Reiki is a beautifully gentle yet powerful therapy that eases the mind, calms the emotions and creates positive shifts in health and perspective.

A Reiki treatment works by boosting the body’s natural healing ability and bringing about profound feelings of peace, security and mental clarity. It helps us recharge, shifts us into brighter thinking and a more grounded state so we can fully step into our power and purpose.

 Bringing balance and harmony to your inner world

A Reiki Treatment clears energetic blockages or disruptions that hold us back on a physical, spiritual or emotional level. Your healing session will support your intentions in a loving space where you can share your thoughts and feelings safely knowing that all will be held with integrity and without judgement.

The Reiki experience is unique to every individual but many people describe the feeling as a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you – as if you’re being filled with love. Treatments are given at my peaceful Point Cook practice and usually involves gentle touch although this isn’t necessary for Reiki to be effective. Life force energy is not bounded by time and space, so if you’re unable to travel to West Melbourne, you can experience the benefits of virtual or distance healing. The power of intention causes energy to flow to where it’s needed most.


What is Reiki?


Reiki is the universal life force energy that flows through all living things. When our life force is abundant, we are strong, healthy and happy. But when there are imbalances or disruptions to the flow, we can experience physical symptoms such as pain, or emotional symptoms such as depression, anxiety or fear.

As a Reiki practitioner, I serve as a conduit, channelling life force energy directly from the Universe to boost your energy’s vibratory level in the negatively affected areas of your body. In this way, Reiki helps to restore your energy’s natural flow.

The reason I’m such a passionate proponent of this powerful healing system is that my own experience with Reiki has been profound. It opened me to a new way of living, of thinking and being. It’s helped and comforted me during dark times. It’s guided me when I’ve felt lost. It has eased my physical pain, expanded my conscious awareness and connected me to my heart, my gifts and soul’s purpose. It’s a gift and a privilege to be able to offer that to you.

Is Reiki for you?

Reiki is a safe and non-invasive treatment that brings an endless list of benefits to those who are open to receive it. It can:


Centre you when you feel scattered


Relax you when you feel anxious


Energise you when you feel drained


Calm you when you feel afraid


Focus your mind and help you find solutions


Accelerate healing of wounds and infections


Improve health and gradually heal illness


Help release emotional wounds, limiting attitudes, fears and damaging behaviour patterns


Show you new possibilities and support you making change happen


Relieve pain

Important note:
Reiki treatment is not a substitute for traditional medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment but can be used to complement and enhance conventional medicine, psychotherapy or surgery.

‘Thank you so much for all your help, love, support and healing over the last 2 years, I have learnt so much from knowing you.¬†I feel as if I have turned a huge corner and that has been because of your magic healing and potions! You have such a kind heart & an amazing soul- I am truly blessed to have met you.’

Mary-Anne, Entrepreneur

‘Lucy’s kind, empathetic and sunny personality combined with her knowledge and experience as a Healer, have ensured that treatments have been both enjoyable and effective, bringing benefits on many levels. My personal experience is of Lucy as a Healer, but also as a great Teacher, being knowledgeable and patient, with a clear commitment to doing the best for her students.¬†In short, my life is certainly richer for the Reiki healing and knowledge that Lucy has provided’

Janet, Executive manager

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